Cafe Brasil by Sofia Mohr.

Café Brasil is a font designed to represent coffee, specially for it’s use in packaging, brand titles, logos and menus. Based on the shape of a coffee bean, Café Brasil has delicate details and ligatures which represent the liquid, foam and steam of a good cup of coffee.

In March 2014, Café Brasil was chosen to be part of the main exhibition at the “Tipos Latinos 2014”.

See details here:



Riona Sans by Mika Melvas (A professional font for $10) (60% off).

This is a great opportunity to get a professional font for a fair (or maybe unfair for the designer) price. Riona Sans is a geometrical, modern, sans serif font, with a big x height size, makes it readable, I don’t know if its only me but I love this kind of fonts for apps, and stuff like that, It makes it very very fresh and modern, of course the font is usable for any kind of porpuse even logos, (reminds me to klavika font, yeah the facebook logo font).

You can see the whole details here, promos aren’t forever:

Working on specimen posters for my McGowan typeface, I’m using famous matches and scores to illustrate the type.

I feel that I cracked the first one pretty quickly, the one on the left, its the second one I’m struggling with, trying to get the right balance of white space.

Slight changes to my nav bar on the site, feedback from my presentation on friday I was told by Andy Golpys that I needed to change the shopping cart listing on the nav (top) to make it more noticeable rather than it blending with the rest, to account for this I’ve move it to the top right, and added a search icon which will either open to the left moving the account and cart further to the left with it, or just a simple drop down box. I’ve also added a my account section which will have a simple drop down hover that will say login.